The Adventures of Purple Pop Pete Podcast Show

The Adventures of Purple Pop Pete

by Daisy French

Purple Pop Pete is a courageous, frozen confection with a huge heart and tons of courage. He is from the South Pole in Antarctica, but his dreams led him to make the courageous move to sunny, Southern California. As a frozen pop, how does he survive living in that hot weather? If Pete gets nervous, he can melt which is a very dangerous situation for a frozen pop!

Pete is making his dreams happen, one step at a time. How does a frozen pop achieve such success and survive without melting? No one in Pete’s family history has ever moved outside of the freezing climate of Antarctica. Yet, Pete now surfs at the beach and hangs out with friends in SoCal cafes.

Pete is a smarty pants and already has a job in Santa Monica as a junior engineer. He is driven by the pursuit of his dreams which means that he is constantly facing and overcoming challenges that stand in his way.

Follow the adventures of Purple Pop Pete as he meets and overcomes all obstacles to realize his seemingly impossible dream of living his dream as a frozen confection in a hot world amongst humans while building his future.

Attorney Malkah's Dollcast Podcast Show

Attorney Malkah's Dollcast

by Daisy French

Welcome to Attorney Malkah’s Dollcast, the podcast show where mischievous, living dolls thrive! Their creator, Attorney Malkah is one of the youngest attorneys in the world and boy is she a smarty pants! This brilliant though understated girl has found a magical way to breathe life into some of her favorite dolls. How does she manage this incredible force gifted to her by nature?

With uncanny, human-like behavior, the Dollcast get into all sorts of fun trouble as they navigate reality while learning valuable life lessons along the way, with the guidance of Attorney Malkah, of course.