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Life According to Dr. Pankaik

[restaurant cafe sounds – voices, glasses clinking, silverware, etc.] “Why, yes Maam. Bring me as many cakes as you can! And another pitcher of milk, please.” “But of course, my dear Sir. I’ll bring you all the stacks your heart desires!” [person chewing and sipping milk] Almost as quickly as the dream began, Dr. Dimitrios Pankaik awoke, always in the middle of eating a stack. [SIGH OF FRUSTRATION] He yearned to go back to the dream, trying hard to fall back to sleep. For within this dream was the only place where he could eat as many of the fluffy cakes as he pleased, without getting stuffed. And that’s why this was his favorite dream since he was a young boy.  Dr. Pancake has never been comfortable talking to anyone about his pancake dream since he feels no one will understand, especially with the stack of pancakes prominently stuck in his middle.  Our jolly, good-natured doctor struggles with his unusual appearance, but always feels at peace in his dream. He feels that no one understands the person behind the pancake. Even though he is well received in Daisy’s World as the go-to veterinarian, everyone still eyes him with odd expressions which they try to conceal.
The Doctor is quite pleased with his life in Daisy’s World. Naturally, all Daisyites are warm and friendly. And yet, he struggles to make friends outside of his veterinarian work. He has several pets in his home – a couple of cats, a dog, and a llama. They are his friends. During a night like any other is when the pancake dream returned, only something was different. This time, an overwhelmingly lovely lady served him stack after stack of the thick, moist cakes. He could not quite make out her face, yet ate as many of the generous morsels as he could without feeling stuffed. But the lady’s profound presence distracted him and he could not help but feel surrounded by her breathtaking presence.  The most distracting detail in the dream was that her middle protruded with some ginormous object. Ah, well, when Dr. Pankaik awoke, he summed up the oddity as nothing but a dream.  The new version of this dream inspires the Doctor to finally visit the local Fluffy Muffy Bakery. He had heard it was amazing. On his way to Fluffy Muffy Bakery, Dr. Pankaik encountered a nearby neighbor, thinking how odd the fellow looked, in a cute sort of way.
The young fellow greeted Dr. Pankaik. “Good day, Sir! My name’s Purple Pop Pete. You must be new to the neighborhood. I live just down the street. What’s your name?” “Greetings, young man. My name’s Dr. Dimitrios Pankaik. I’ve seen you on your scooter. It is a pleasure to finally meet you!”  To his surprise, Dr. Pankaik had just met a living, frozen confection. The purple fellow wore a round, transparent helmet on his square head, outfitted with a strange-looking suit. And yet he appeared as animated and life-like as any human. He had heard that Daisy’s World was quite accepting. Mr. Pete knew very well that not just anyone gets to live in Daisy’s World. And if you were lucky enough, it meant that you would make fast friends. But speaking of how one was accepted to live in Daisy’s World was taboo. “I hope to see you soon! Maybe you can come over to my house one day for a cup of tea.” Invited Pete. “That sounds very nice, Mr. Pete. Right now, I’m headed down to Fluffy Muffy Bakery to get myself some pancakes.” Responded Dr. Pankaik. “That sounds wonderful! Be sure to say hello to Ms. Donut for me.” Pete replied, dashing off with a hop to his step. [SOUND OF FOOTSTEPS; DOOR OPENING W BELL; LOW CROWD MURMUR] As Dr. Pankaik entered Fluffy Muffy Bakery, an overwhelming aroma of sweetness filled the air causing his belly to growl with cravings.
[STOMACH GROWLING] The popular bakery bustled with customers overflowing out the door. Making his way to the glass counter, his eyes discovered the most beautiful, mesmerizing woman he had ever seen. [BIRDS CHIRPING, HARP PLAYING, ANGELS HARKING] The stars and the moon aligned as angels heralded the announcement of the destiny that Dr. Pankaik had always longed for. This heavenly creature of a female was more woman than he had ever dreamed. The stack of pancakes in his middle jiggled to the beat of his racing heart as butterflies fluttered about and suddenly, Dr. Pankaik became tongue-tied. Tiny beads of sweat dotted his forehead and the jolly, boisterous fellow shrunk at the thought of introducing himself. He paused to absorb this feminine masterpiece, absorbing her zestful voice laced with creamy custard as she announced orders, billowing across the crowd. “Ms. Johnson, your strudel cake is ready. I hope you enjoy it as much as the last one!” [LOW CROWD MURMUR] “She must become my wife!” Dr. Pankaik declared to himself, smitten by her kindness. As the lively bBakery buzzed with smiling customers, Dr. Pankaik wondered how he might approach his awaiting damsel. Then, behind the antique display counter, he spotted them: luscious stacks of pancakes studded with plump blueberries, just like Mother used to make.  Suddenly, a lull in the crowd parted as Dr. Dimitrios Pankaik and Ms. Dahlia Donut locked eyes. Dahlia practically dropped a tray of cupcakes as Dr. Pankaik introduced himself. “Greetings, Madame. My name is Dr. Pankaik. I would like to order some of those lovely blueberry pancakes, and a big glass of milk.” “Of course, sir! Uh, my name is Ms. Donut. But I’d love for you to call me Dahlia.” The spellbound pair took each other in for what seemed an eternity. Dahlia’s rosy cheeks turned 3 more shades of rosy as she stood, captivated by the massive, handsome hunk in front of her. Noticing the thick, tousled locks that blackened his head, Dahlia’s big, round eyes fell to the rotund stack of pancakes that defined his middle. Could it be that she had finally discovered her match? As they stared into each other’s eyes, Dr. Pankaik’s confident words melted the silence. “Why, certainly, Dahlia. I would be honored.” With that, she flashed a huge Southern smile, as Dr. Pankaik tried to conceal his surprise. [GASP] Low and behold! The voluptuous woman was indeed gorged with a stack of pink, sprinkled donuts! Lord in heaven, could it be? But oh, she wore them so well! The Doctor’s confidence had returned just as customers miraculously dispersed, emptying the bakery. This was an occurrence never witnessed at the bustling Fluff Muff. As Ms. Donut returned carrying a mouthwatering stack of deliciousness, Dr. Pankaik seized the moment. “Uh, Ms. Donut, I’m rather new to Daisy’s World. Would you care to join me?” Dr. Pankaik invited, motioning to a cozy, round table near a bay window. Dahlia quickly assessed the bakery, smoothing her apron and fixing her hair, while confirming that there were no customers as she replied, “I’d love to.” [TRANSITIONAL MUSIC] Well, folks. Seems we are witnessing a budding love story of two admirers chatting romantically over a stack of blueberry pancakes. What could be better? Incoming customers chuckled quietly, not wanting to disturb the radiant Ms. Dahlia as she chatted with the Doctor well into the afternoon.

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