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The Dolls do Paris, Part 2

It was the last night in Paris for the Dollcast, and Attorney Malkah had planned a lovely evening for the feisty creatures at the world-renowned Cafe Montorgueil. The entire Cast had spent the day shopping at some of the finest boutiques in Paris. Each doll had acquired a new outfit to wear for their big evening out. There were Daisy Ditzy, Saucy Stickers, Rebecca Loca, Fanny Pudge, and the newest addition the Dollcast, Poppy Violette. But there was a problem. Daisy was jealous of Poppy because as the newbie, Poppy was getting all the attention wherever they went. Attorney Malkah had not seen this behavior in Daisy before Poppy came along. But she noticed Daisy flashing her sparkling smile toward Poppy as she complimented her Bisque attire. Then, she’d turn right around and whisper gossipy details to the other dolls. “Look at her dress. She’s not really a true Bisque doll!” “She thinks she’s all that with her long, golden locks and pretty, porcelain face.” Malkah also noticed that the others didn’t really understand that Daisy was trying to turn them against Poppy. They were dolls, after all. Nonetheless, Attorney Malkah smelled trouble. It was quite a sight to watch five living dolls beautify and what better scene to witness the show than in the glamorous, salle de bain (that’s French for bathroom) inside their hotel suite. But Daisy glared at Poppy as the ornate doll meticulously brushed and twirled her long, thick hair into perfect locks of gold. Oh dear. “Are you dolls ready to go?” Yes! Yes, Malkah! Wait! I need to apply my lipstick! Have any of you seen my high heel sneakers? [LAUGHTER] And off they went. The glamorous bunch arrived at the famous Cafe Montorgueil fashionably early, laughing and chatting like the dollish fashionistas that they were. As the dolls gathered round the petite cafe tables and sank into plush, red-checkered chairs, Malkah ordered a round of sparkling beverages and hors-d’œuvres. “Monsieur, nous aimerions une bouteille de votre meilleure eau pétillante et des Coquillettes jambon aux truffes. Pour le dîner, nous aimerions une raclette et une fondue savoyarde.” [TRANSLATION: “Sir, we would like a bottle of your best sparkling water and Coquillettes ham with truffles. For dinner, we would like raclette and a Savoyard fondue.”] “Mais bien sûr, Madame.” [TRANSLATION: “But of course, Madame.”] Replied Antoine, the handsome waiter as all the dolls were spellbound by his classic French demeanor and deep, Parisian voice. Except for Poppy, who seemed uninterested.
Forget that Malkah spoke perfect French. She was a take-action kinda girl! Moments later, Antoine appeared with their beverages and immediately noticed Poppy, looking as radiant as ever, but perhaps a little bored. Daisy immediately noticed Antoine smitten expression impressed upon him by the luxurious Poppy. Her cheeks turned beet red with jealousy. Spellbound by the elegance that is Poppy, Antoine tripped as the tray of beverages cascaded down none other than… Daisy! The other dolls gasped as Daisy screamed and Attorney Malkah jumped out of her seat to help with the soaking wet Ms. Ditzy. Poppy quickly scolded the embarrassed Antoine as she tried to help Daisy dry her saturated dress. “Tu es un homme stupide ! Tu es un tel idiot ! Regarde ce que tu as fait à mon ami!” [TRANSLATION: “You stupid man! You’re such an idiot! Look what you’ve done to my friend!”] Stormed Madame Violet. “What? She speaks French?” “She is a Parisian Bisque, after all.” “Is there anything she doesn’t do perfectly?” All the dolls continued to hiss amongst themselves. As surprised as Malkah was about Poppy’s knowledge of the French language, she was taken aback by the daggers of insults Poppy had spewed toward the poor, diminished Antoine. “Mademoiselle, je suis terriblement désolé. S’il vous plaît, je vais apporter du linge frais pour aider la dame à sécher sa robe. Et, s’il vous plaît, acceptez que le Café Montorgue compense l’intégralité de votre repas de la soirée!” [TRANSLATION: “Mademoiselle, I’m terribly sorry. Please, I’ll bring some fresh linen to help the lady dry her dress. And, please accept that Café Montorgueil will compensate your entire meal for the evening!”] The other dolls had no idea what this dialogue was about but could tell by Antoine’s body language that he was deeply apologetic. Quite abruptly, Daisy lost it and went off on Poppy. “You’re the stupid one! How dare you make him stare at you! Just because you’re pretty AND you speak French! I’ll never speak to you again!” By now, all the guests in the cafe had noticed the scene and were waiting for the outcome just as Daisy lunged toward Poppy, scratching and pulling her hair! But Poppy fought back viciously. Oh, and it was quite a scene! Fair to say, Attorney Malkah had a cat fight on her hands, or, uh, a combat de chats in French. To make matters worse, all the other dolls jumped out of their seats to avoid the crossfire causing the cafe table to topple over, with glasses and plates cascading to the ground and shattering everywhere. Dizzy with disbelief at the scandal taking place right before her eyes, Malkah jumped between the two fighting dolls as Antoine dashed into the restaurant, like a dog with his tail between his legs. “Daisy! Poppy! Stop it right now, dollies! Demanded Malkah. “But she started it!” Accused Daisy. “I did not do anything! You’re just jealous because Antoine was looking at me and not you!” Slammed Poppy. With that, the two angry dolls went at it again, but Malkah had had enough. The other dolls and pretty much all the cafe guests starrf at the scene, wide-eyed. In embarrassment, Malkah claimed, “If you two don’t settle down, you are both going on the shelf when we get home! And no more travels!” The pending punishment turned Daisy off like a light as she plopped into her seat with a massive smirk on her face. Poppy knew what it was like to spend months and even years sitting on a shelf as she had lived on a shelf inside the Parisian boutique before Malkah found her for more than two years. Being shelved was not a life that Poppy wanted to return to and so gracefully took her seat. Just as tempers started to simmer down, Antoine appeared with a forced smile on his handsome face, carrying an elegant tray of cuisine like none of the dolls had ever seen.
Most graciously, he declared, “Mesdames, je vous présente mes plus sincères excuses pour ce malentendu. Pour détendre l’atmosphère dans cette glorieuse ville des lumières, mon manager et moi-même vous servirons un repas à quatre plats avec dessert. Nous voulons que vous toutes, charmantes dames, gardiez un souvenir impérissable du Café Montorgueil.” [TRANSLATION: “Ladies, I sincerely apologize for this misunderstanding. To lighten the mood in this glorious city of lights, my manager and I will be serving you a four-course meal with dessert. We want all you lovely ladies to have lasting memories of Café Montorgueil.”] Wait. What? What? What? As Malkah spoke with Antoine, Poppy quietly translated for the dolls to understand. “Merci, Monsieur Antoine. Je crois que les Dollcast ici présents sont fatigués par tant de courses et qu’ils profiteront du délicieux repas que vous vous apprêtez à nous servir. Nous vous en sommes très reconnaissants.” [TRANSLATION: Why thank you, Mr. Antoine. I believe the Dollcast here are tired from so much shopping and will benefit from the delicious meal you are about to serve us. We are most grateful.] Poppy translated for the other dolls with such elegance and empathy that they might not understand Malkah and Antoine’s conversation. And she included Daisy. Fully composed now, Poppy smiled, sipped her water, and daintily dabbed her pink lips with the tip of a cloth napkin. Daisy felt bad. In fact, she felt horribly guilty. She had never experienced jealousy before. She prided herself on being a part of Malkah’s very special Dollcast. The dolls were like sisters to her. And now, they all had a new sister who carried herself with such dignity that Daisy could not help but adore her. “Poppy, I am sorry for what I did. I’m afraid I haven’t given you the warmest of welcomes. But I want to make it up to you, if you’ll let me. Maybe we can all get to know you better after dinner, when we return to the hotel. Maybe we can order cafe and sit on the terrace. I I would love to hear your story.” “Yes, we all would!” Chimed Rebecca Loca. “Yeah, for sure!” Included Fanny. Poppy was so touched that tears filled her eyes just as Malkah turned around. She recognized those tears and got scared. What now? But then, all the dolls grouped together with smiles and laughter and gave a big hug to Poppy. Madame Violet had finally been initiated into the Dollcast. The End.

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