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Cold Suit Couture

 The day Purple Pop Pete learned that his cold suit was 100% reliable presented an incredible achievement

He was over the moon because he knew what it meant for his future. But then, as he left Perry’s laboratory where the brothers had just tested the cold suits, Pete nearly melted with a sudden realization. He could not move anywhere until he turned 18, the legal age required to live by himself! Since he was only 14, he was devastated! Four years is an eternity to wait when you want something so bad!

As we know, Pete has a lot of qualities that make him a very special frozen pop

He has determination which means that he keeps trying even when something is super challenging; he has persistence which means he keeps trying even when others doubt him; and he has confidence which means that he believes in himself! Friends, with these qualities, you can accomplish anything!

The second Pete stepped outside into the cold Arctic air he began scheming

He found the cold quite exhilarating as he planned and pictured, “What can I do during these next four years to make my dream come true?” As a young pop, Pete didn’t yet realize that he was a visionary. Oh, what is a visionary? I’ll tell you. Pete could see into his future, kind of like looking into a crystal ball. He could see things and then imagine how he wanted them to be. And this is another very powerful quality that Pete had. Visionary is kind of a grown up word but it doesn’t matter because that’s exactly what Pete was. For a 14 year old, four years can feel like 40 years. But Pete was not discouraged. He envisioned his life in sunny, Santa Monica, California where there were fluffy, beach waves and towering palm trees waving in the breeze. He had seen many photos and even watched tv shows about the Santa Monica lifestyle and how fun and relaxed it was. Holy brain freeze! He even referred to the city as SaMo, just like the locals did and thought to himself, “Super sucker sticks! I definitely wanna go to a cafe and hang out with my friends and sip fruity juice slushies!” “At some point I wanna go to the gym and get all buffed out.” “Maybe I’ll even get invited to some special events!” “I can go shopping at the mall!” “Or, maybe I’ll just hang out at home and kick back. Holy poppin’ peeps! I’m going to need a lot of different cold suits!” With these thoughts racing through his mind, Pete ran home, dashed into his room and grabbed his paper pad and pens. Frantically, he drew, rapidly sketching designs for new cold suits. Soon, the floor was covered with sheets of paper everywhere, each one a different sketch for a different suit.

Now, it was just a matter of designing a wardrobe of cold suits with different looks and stitching them up on his mama’s sewing machine

Pete felt so empowered. He said to himself, “Now I have plenty to do and keep myself super busy during these next four years.” But then, his mind flooded with another staggering challenge. “How am I going to pay for all of the materials I need to make my new cold suits? Jumpin’ jeallybeans! I need money!” If ever Pete risked a meltdown, it was precisely this moment. You see, when Pete or any of his family members felt stress, their hearts would beat very fast, thereby creating a lot of warmth. And we all know that if a frozen confection gets warm, they can melt! Pete would need fabric and lots of it; he would need all of the interior engineering wires and screws that he used to create his first two cold suits; and he would need more tools.  But Pete never got discouraged. He decided to take a break and breathe deeply, so he wouldn’t melt. Deep breathing is a technique that Mama Victoria Vanilla taught Pete when he was but a tiny pop. She called it meditation. And meditation was a very useful practice for the Cold family since it was calming.

Calm is a very good thing to be for a frozen pop to avoid a meltdown

Pete was a exhausted from the day’s events, but still inspired. He felt like he deserved a little reward. “I’m going to the café and treating myself to a fruit cup. I want to think things through.” Pete glowed with delight as he headed out to his favorite café. His good friend Art, who managed the café greeted him with a big, warm smile. “Hey, Pete! How are you, dude? Wow! you look so happy!.What’s new?” Greeted Art. Pete launched into conversation as he explained energetically to Art, “I just tested my cold suit in Perry’s laboratory, and it works! Only thing is, I just don’t know how I’m going to pay for all the new cold suits I’m going to need for the big move. I need materials, I need equipment, I need tools…aaah!” Pete exclaimed. Well, Art knew all about the cold suit. He also knew Perry Peanut Butter worked at the lab. The community was small and everybody knew everybody. Pete loved that. Art listened quietly and smiled, as Pete carried on and on. Art then offered, “Pete, I think I can help you. How would you like to work here in the café?” Pete stopped mid-sentence and stared at his friend with giant eyes in disbelief. He was so touched by his friend’s suggestion that it took a few moments for him to process his kind and generous offer. Practically tripping over his words, Pete enthusiastically replied, “Yes! Why, YES! That’s such a grand idea. I would love to work here! When can I start?” Pete asked. As Pete’s friend responded, “Why don’t you start tomorrow?” Pete was thrilled beyond belief.

With his new job, he could save the money he needed to make his cold suits!

He was so grateful and threw his arms around Art with a big bear hug. Later, back at the igloo, Pete organized all of his new sketches, pinning each one on the wall, until almost the entire wall was covered. As the day came to an end and evening set in, he studied each sketch, envisioning an activity or event that might call for each individual cold suit design. Albeit, the sketches weren’t that great, but it didn’t matter. Each one represented a little piece of his overall vision and how he imagined his life to be in the upcoming years. That was the most important thing. Lost in thought, Pete suddenly realized that it was dinner time and at any minute, Mama Victoria would call on him to help set the dinner table. That is the exact moment when Pete got another big idea. “Maybe I can talk to mom and dad about paying me an allowance to do tasks and chores around the igloo! I can make even more money to pay for all of my new cold suits and the stuff I need.” Knowing their son very well, Mama Victoria and Papa Randy already expected that Pete would move away from home when he turned 18. They had accepted his dream. Still, Pete always got a bit nervous when it came to approaching his parents about his grand plan. So, he gathered all his courage and planned how he would present to his parents that evening at dinner.

At the table, before the family launched into conversation about the day’s activities Pete seized the moment

“Mama and Papa. I want to talk to you both about something that involves my future cold suits.” As all Pete’s brothers and sisters glanced at each other and quietly thought, oh, that Pete is at it again. They were all used to Pete’s projects and goals. Everyone listened as Pete shyly explained, “I want to create five new cold suits to prepare for my move to California when I turn 18.” Before Papa Randy Rainbow could respond, Pete continued, knowing that Papa would be more responsive if Pete offered something good in return for his request. “I can help with a lot of tasks and chores around the Igloo. I can handle repairs with my tools, and I’m really good at cleaning. Holy cream cakes, I can even cook! I want to help our family and free up time for both of you, Mama and Papa.” Of all his brothers and sisters, Perry Peanut butter is the one that was the most interested in Pete’s offer since Perry also wanted to eventually move to a warm climate.

The room grew still as the siblings anticipated their parents’ reaction

Mama Victoria looked at her son with so much pride and then down to her plate, waiting for Papa Randy to speak. “Maybe in exchange, I could make an allowance so that I can put it toward my future cold suits.” Pete offered with confidence. “Okay, son, I think this is a great idea. Let’s start tomorrow.” Decided Papa Randy. In a split second, the entire family relaxed, and their normal, happy moods returned as everyone could now eat their dinner in peace. The next morning, Papa Randy handed Pete a list of tasks and small repairs to be completed around the igloo. Pete diligently finished all of them before noon. At lunch, Papa handed Pete $20. Without hesitation, Pete immediately stuffed the crisp bill into the piggy bank in his room. During the next week after completing his chores, he locked himself in his room with a paper and pens, spending hours upon hours sketching and re-sketching heaps of drawings of his future cold suits. Everything was falling into place and he was so excited!

Pete spent the next four years working at the café and saving his money

He continued to do chores and tasks around the igloo while perfecting his cold suit creations in his spare time. Time flew by. Pete spent a lot of time reading books and articles about advancing his cold suits and making them work better and better. Great pineapple popsicles! He even thought about making his cold suits digital! Kind of like putting little computers inside to make them work more efficiently. But Pete thought that was a bit too advanced and decided to save that idea for later, after he graduated from university. Soon enough, his 15th birthday arrived. And then, the 16th. Pete’s cold suit couture collection was expanding! His savings account increased as did his enthusiasm. As his 17th birthday passed, Pete’s family could barely pull him out of his room when he was not working. The night before Pete’s 18th birthday, Pete was researching flights to Southern California on his computer. Mama Victoria knew what to expect as she prepared for the next day’s festivities in celebration of Pete’s coming of age. Her son was about to become an adult! This was huge. Mama Victoria prepared a feast of epic proportion, and it included a massive fruit cake, one of Pete’s favorites.

The next morning the entire family geared up for the big announcement

Mama tried to hold back her tears, for she loved her son dearly. Papa also prepared himself for Pete’s big announcement, but even his eyes got a little watery. And then, Pete approached the dining room, where everyone had gathered. “Family, I am flying to Santa Monica, California next week with my bags and all of my cold suits. I’m going to stay in a little hotel while I find myself an apartment. I’m really going to miss you all. But I know this is the right thing for me to do. I also know that one day I am going to make cold suits for each one of you so that my family can come and visit in my new home. “As soon as I get my new apartment in Santa Monica, I am going to find myself a job as a junior engineer and apply to university.” Explained Pete.

The family sang happy birthday during a deeply emotional moment

As much as they knew this moment would arrive, Pete was the the first of the Cold children to depart from the family igloo. What’s more, Pete would be the first confection in the entire bloodline of all the Cold family ancestors to leave Antarctica.

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