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Pete Invents the Cold Suit, Part III

Pete had a scheme to test his cold suit

Pete’s cold suit was his ticket to moving to a warm climate. He decided he would not be beaten by this challenge! So, he took a deep breath and remained calm. Suddenly, it was as though someone turned on a bright light! And Pete discovered the solution practically dancing right in front of him. You see, Pete’s big brother Perry Peanut butter was an 18-year old aspiring scientist and boy oh boy was he a smarty pants.

Perry was quite the smarty pants

Perry worked as an intern for one of the most important scientists at the local national research station. As an intern, he got to work right alongside some of the brainiest, smartest, geekiest geniuses – literally – on earth. This meant that Perry also got to learn tons of important things about science and how life works. Pete had always looked up to his big brother and was really impressed by his work and landing such an amazing job as a junior scientist. Pete wanted to be just like him when he grew up! As one of the main helpers at the National Research Station there in Antarctica, Perry was privileged to be working on a major project with a bunch of Chinese scientists and scientists who were visiting from Genhe, China.

Perry worked with heat!

Together, they were all working on a major heat project that was part of China’s Antarctic expedition. They called it geothermal heat flow. Whoah. What does that even mean? These were some really big words that Pete had no clue about. (But I’ll let you in on a little secret: these super guys and gals were testing heat that was derived from Mother Earth!) This heat did not come from heaters; and it did not come from fireplaces. They were experimenting with natural heat that would keep them warm on the coldest place on earth. But it also meant that eventually, they could share their discoveries with the rest of the world. And that is exactly the moment when Pete got a shining discovery. HEAT!!! My big brother is working with HEAT! He could barely contain his excitement. That night over dinner, Pete gathered up all his courage and approached Perry Peanut Butter’s in his room and asked, “Hey Perry, can we talk?” “Yeah, little dude. For sure.” Perry replied coolly. Pete felt that his big brother was the coolest confection ever. With nervous excitement, Pete shyly asked, “Perry, I know you and your scientist friends work on experiments that involve heat, so I was wondering if you could help me test my cold suit since I need heat to test it.” Perry knew very well about Pete’s cold suit, but he was secretly not that impressed. However, he was touched by his little brother’s enthusiasm, so he agreed to help him. “I need to see if my cold suit is able to resist high heat and stay frozen so if keeps me alive when I finally move to a warm climate.” Pete went on to explain, hoping to gain his brother’s approval. Well, Perry began to realize that the cold suit was actually a really cool invention. And Pete was always a little bit scared of his big brother since he was super, super smart because Pete wanted to be just like him.

Perry had a secret interest

Perry thought more and more about Pete’s cold suit since now he was getting involved. “Sure, Pete. Why don’t you come down to the station tomorrow after lunch?” offered Perry Peanut Butter. Pete was so happy that he ran up to Perry and gave him a big, bear hug and said, “Oh, Perry! thank you so much! I’m so excited.” “Uh, okay.” Replied Perry coolly. What Pete did not yet know is that Perry had a secret interest to also live in a warm climate! Pete then dashed off to his room to prep his two cold suits to make sure they were in tiptop shape. Pete could hardly sleep that night. He dreamed about his future as he grew more and more confident. He could envision himself living in a warm climate in Santa Monica, California, where his heart belonged! And in that same dream, as he left the plane at Los Angeles airport to go to his new home, at his side was his brother, Perry! After he awoke, Pete thought, wow! Maybe Perry could come with me! Could it be that the two frozen confections would move together? That is, if Pete’s cold suit was a success. Okay… let’s take one step at a time. The next morning, Pete could barely eat the delicious cantaloupe breakfast that Mama Victoria always prepared for him because he was so nervous. Soon, it was time for Pete to leave to go to the National Research station to meet Perry. The night before had snowed, so the weather was ultra icy which was fine with Pete. Even though he didn’t need a coat, he loved wearing his snow gear anyway. Pete had never seen Perry in his work environment. The laboratory was amazing! There were so many microscopes and humans in white coats. Pete was super impressed and thought his big brother was the coolest confection on the planet. Perry knew exactly what to do as he guided his little brother into a special room. “Pete, put on your cold suit in that changing room over there.” Instructed Perry. Pete dashed into the changing room, put on his cold suit, turned on the switch and claimed, “Okay, Perry, I’m ready!”

Perry lead Pete into a special chamber with thick glass doors

Pete felt so important! Perry turned very serious and explained to Pete in a heavy voice, “Purple Pop Pete we are about to test your cold suit. I am going to turn up the heat slowly, to maximum capacity. This is a very dangerous situation. If you feel that your suit is not working or if for any reason it is not going to work, you will risk experiencing a meltdown. It means that your life is at risk. You must signal to me at once so that I may turn off the heat.” “Okay, Perry. I am ready.” Pete confirmed, courageously. Perry exited the small chamber, sealing the thick glass door behind him. Slowly, he walked into a tiny little room attached to the chamber, where there was a small window for him to monitor his brother. Pete’s excitement increased as he felt thousands of tiny ice crystals inside the suit growing colder and colder. It was working! But now, would it withstand the high heat? The two brotherly confections were about to find out! The moment of truth revealed as Perry pulled down the giant lever that released the heat inside the chamber. Perry became more and more nervous as Pete did not signal for him to stop. Ten seconds passed; fifteen seconds turned to twenty seconds. Still, Pete’s suit withstood the heat as 30 lapsed. Perry locked eyes with his brave brother as the heat increased higher and higher until it reached the maximum temperature! Perry gazed deep into Pete’s giant eyes and feared that his brother would melt. Nearly one minute had gone by as the drama intensified. But then, Perry saw a huge smile spread across Pete’s face as Pete began to jump up and down in excitement screaming, “Hooray! Hooray! My cold suit works!” At once, Perry turned off the heat with a huge sigh of relief. Yet, he could clearly see that his brother was not melting. In fact, Pete was as frozen as ever, even within the desert-hot heat! In fact, the cold suit had withstood 120 degrees Fahrenheit! That kind of temperature was hot enough to melt a lizard!

Perry was so proud of his little brother

Most importantly, it was clear that his little brother’s invention worked beautifully. In this epic moment, Perry knew very well that this young inventor and aspiring engineer had just confirmed his ticket to move to a warm climate. He was so proud of Pete. “Perry, do you know what this means? It means that I can move to a warm climate. I can live in Southern California! Holy hoppin’ apple pops. I can live in the desert if I want!” cried Pete. “I can go to the beach! I can ride my scooter down palm tree lanes! Holy papaya poopsicles! I can sit in a cafe and sip fruity juice cocktails with my friends!” sored Pete’s imagination. “Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down, Pete. Slow down. Let’s give it one more test.” Cautioned Perry. “Let’s go tell your scientist friends!” Shrieked Pete. “No! We are not going to do that, Pete. This is a very important invention, and we don’t want anyone to steal your idea.” Instructed Perry. Listening to his brother’s voice of reason, Pete agreed. And so it was that the brothers successfully completed another round of testing. What an accomplishment! Perry was so proud of his little brother that he treated Pete to a fruit cup at Pete’s favorite café. It was the best celebration ever.

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