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Pink the Caterpillar

Popsicle Pete Travels to Antarctica

On a cool, crisp Saturday morning in winter, Pete’s phone rang. He knew it was his brother Fred Fudgsicle calling since his number a funky ring tone. His big, warm heart leaped into his throat as he jumped out of his ice bed inside the freezer. Sure enough, it was Fred calling from Antarctica. “How are you, Popsicle Pete?” inquired Fred Fudgsicle. “Life is a bowl of purple popsicles! What about you?” replied Pete. “We miss you!” cried Fred. “Hey! I have a hoppin’ idea. I can come visit the family for a few days,” suggested Pete. “Holy pudding pops! That would be awesome! When can you come?” planned Fred. “I can be there in two days!” exclaimed Pete. “It is so nice of you dollies to do this! Can I come along?”  And Daisy Dolly replied to Attorney Malkah,  “Of course, you could come! We would love for you to join us. In fact, we’re leaving in a few minutes.”  So Attorney Malkah gathered her coat and scarf because it was very cold and snowy outside. She and Daisy Dolly walked over to the homeless Shelter, which was very close to where they lived. When they arrived, Attorney Malkah and Daisy Dolly were met by Petunia Dolly and Rebecca Dolly. They all entered the homeless shelter together.  Attorney Malkah thought,  “Oh my!”  Attorney Malkah said to her dolly friends,  Although Attorney Malkah was not the best cook in the world, she felt that together with her dolly friends they could all manage to prepare a nice meal for these people.   Attorney Malkah opened the refrigerator and saw so many yummy ingredients! She saw all sorts of vegetables, salad, fruits, sauces and… a huge turkey!  I mean, it was a really big turkey. So, Attorney Malkah and the dollies began taking things out of the refrigerator to make preparations for the festive holiday meal. Daisy Dolly washed veggies in the massive sink while Petunia Dolly chopped fruit to make a lovely fruit salad. Of course, the dollies were very careful cutting fruits and veggies so as not to injure themselves.   Because all around her inside the shelter were homeless people. A lot of them didn’t look very healthy. And a lot of them were wearing very shabby clothes. And some of them did not look very clean and were even a little bit stinky. But some of them smiled at her which touched her heart.  But she could tell that these people were very poor and she felt bad for them.  Attorney Malkah was very happy to be there with her dolly friends.  Attorney Malkah, Daisy Dolly Petunia Dolly and Rebecca Dolly all made their way into the kitchen in the back of the homeless shelter.  Inside the kitchen there was a large refrigerator, a huge sink and a lot of counter space.  
Attorney Malkah gathered heaps of forks, knives, spoons, napkins and plates and arranged them in a large basket. Then, she carried the basket out into the cafeteria section where so that when all of the food was finally ready, the homeless people could stand in line and fill their plates. She took a moment to reflect on what she and her dolly friends were doing to help these people and sighed. She then prepared all the containers in the cafeteria section so that when the food was finally ready it would stay nice and warm for the entire evening. Attorney Malkah walked back into the kitchen and thought,  “It’s time to put the turkey in the oven because turkeys take a while to cook.”  Upon opening the refrigerator, she did not see the turkey. She closed the refrigerator and looked around the kitchen on the countertops, on the stovetop, in the sink and even on the floor. Daisy Dolly and Petunia Dolly were very busy with the preparations. Still, Attorney Malkah found no turkey. Suddenly, it occurred to her that Rebecca Dolly was not in the kitchen. She went back out into the cafeteria section but still, no sign of Rebecca Dolly. She thought this was odd.     Attorney Malkah walked back into the kitchen and asked Daisy Dolly and Petunia Dolly,   “Have you dollies seen Rebecca dolly?”   To which the dollies replied,  “No, we have not seen her.”  Attorney Malkah went on the ask the dollies,  “Have either of you seen the turkey?”   But the dollies were so busy with the preparations, they replied,  “No, we haven’t seen the turkey! Where could it be?”   “I’ll be back in a jiffy!” claimed Attorney Malkah.  She left the dollies in the kitchen, put on her coat, scarf and gloves and walked outside wondering, where could Rebecca Dolly have gone?  Now, Attorney Malkah was in fact an attorney which meant that she was very accustomed to asking questions and solving mysteries. Growing suspicious, she naturally asked herself,  “How can I find the missing turkey? And why does it seem that Rebecca Dolly is missing?”  Petunia DollyShe wasn’t sure if there was a connection between Rebecca Dolly and the missing turkey. She certainly did not want to pass judgment against her dolly friend unless she had proof. Even so, if Rebecca Dolly had taken the turkey, Attorney Malkah would feel horrible! She headed down the block toward her home and Daisy Dolly’s dolly house not sure what to do, when she noticed Rebecca Dolly walking in front of her down the block! It seemed as though Rebecca Dolly was carrying something maybe a little bit heavy, causing her to walk in a funny sort of way! Attorney Malkah thought to herself,
“Oh, dear! Please Rebecca Dolly…don’t be stealing the turkey because that’s a bad thing to do!”, stepping up her pace.  Within a few minutes Attorney Malkah was right behind Rebecca Dolly and called out, “Rebecca Dolly! Is it you?”  Suddenly, Rebecca Dolly turned around, startled at the sound of Attorney Malkah’s voice! In a split-second Attorney Malkah witnessed that Rebecca Dolly was in fact, carrying a turkey! And it looked identical to the missing turkey. Rebecca Dolly was so shocked that she dropped the turkey! Oh my. The turkey rolled into the street and in a matter of seconds, a car drove by and splat! Ran over the turkey. Needless to say, Rebecca Dolly and Attorney Malkah were both devastated! Neither knew what to do in that very awkward moment – Rebecca Dolly because she got caught red-handed, stealing; and Attorney Malkah because she had caught her dear dolly friend stealing and also because now they had no turkey for the homeless people! Before Attorney Malkah could say a word, Rebecca Dolly confessed, “Oh, Attorney Malkah! I’m so sorry!” Tripping over her words, she went on, “I was going to take the turkey home because my family and I do not have a turkey for the holidays.” As tears welled up in her eyes. Attorney Malkah felt very bad for her. But she also realized that stealing is always wrong, no matter what the reason.  “Rebecca Dolly, I’m sorry that your family does not have a turkey for your holiday dinner! But that turkey was not yours to take. It was for the homeless people and now they don’t have a turkey.” Rebecca Dolly felt extremely guilty. 
Attorney Malkah asked. Rebecca Dolly replied, “I know! I can use my allowance and maybe we can walk down to the supermarket to buy a new turkey! Then we can take it back to the homeless shelter.” Attorney Malkah agreed that this was a very good idea and she felt proud of her dolly friend. Though Rebecca Dolly had learned a valuable lesson, she felt bad that Rebecca Dolly might have to spend her hard-earned allowance to replace the giant turkey and that she and her family did not have one of their own for their holiday dinner. “Rebecca Dolly, I feel bad that your family does not have a turkey. Since you will replace the turkey that belonged to the homeless shelter, I will take some of my allowance and buy a small turkey to give to you and your family.” Offered Attorney Malkah. Touched by her generous offer, Rebecca Dolly gave Attorney Malkah a huge hug and sobbed, “Oh, thank you, Attorney Malkah! You really are such a dear friend!” Once back at the homeless shelter with two turkeys, one for the homeless and the other to keep in the refrigerator for Rebecca Dolly to take home with her later, the other dollies curiously asked, “Where have you two been?” Attorney Malkah and Rebecca Dolly looked at each other in a moment of silence. Not wanting to embarrass her friend, Attorney Malkah replied, “We went to the supermarket to purchase a turkey for Rebecca Dolly and her family.” Before the other dollies could ask more questions, Attorney Malkah claimed, “Quick dollies! We need to get this turkey into the oven! Who knows best what spices to use?” Knowing very well that both Daisy Dolly and Petunia Dolly would jump at the chance. “I do!” They both replied in unison. “Great!” Replied Attorney Malkah. “Rebecca Dolly and I will finish preparing the rest of the food!” Several hours later, Attorney Malkah and the dollies had filled all of the containers in the cafeteria with the most delicious meal that they had ever prepared. The delicious aroma filled the air as the homeless people lined up. As the girls served each person their holiday meal, each one of the homeless folks were so grateful and thanked them over and over again.

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