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The Mystical Easter, Part 5

Season 2, Series 1, Part 5 A round of gasps circled the creatures. Eyes fell to the ground as guilt filled them all, for they all realized that not only had they made a horrible mistake, but they had hurt Malkah’s feelings. Observing the ability of these creatures to grasp more complex emotions, Malkah spoke. “On the other hand, I am amazed that you bunnies were able to plan such a successful party.” “Hey! We helped!” Yelped Rebecca, though no one paid a bit of attention to her remark, not wanting to steal the bunnies’ compliment from Malkah. [ABRUPT SILENCE, AS IT’S CLEAR THAT MALKAH IS STILL SPEAKING] “But the fact remains that you all violated the rules and my trust. And these are the two most important lessons that must be learned. Therefore, there will be consequences. [QUIET WHISPERS] “What’s consequences?” Whispered a bunny. “Does that mean she’s going to punish us?” “It sounds scary!” “For one week, all of you will sit on the shelves.” [GASPING, AAWS, OOHS, NO WAY] “No playing, talking, or living. I want each of you to think about what you have done, so that it won’t happen again. And after your shelf-time is done, then bunnies, we can talk about your party planning skills.”
None of the crew knew what to make of Malkah’s words. But the ball of dread that fell to the bottom of their stomachs that they should be banned to the shelves for a week was very clear. “But I am also happy that you all are learning these very valuable lessons on such an important day. Easter symbolizes growth, dollies and bunnies. And, I do believe that you all will grow from this experience.”
The creatures did not know what to say. But they all shared at least one emotion. And that was the love they felt for their beloved Attorney Malkah, who had the wisdom to recognize their talents, enthusiasm and ambitions, even amidst their wrongdoing.
A round of hugs was had by all, as the dollies and bunnies solemnly proceeded to take their places on the shelves of Attorney Malkah’s room, for one, long week.

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