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Why am I Different?

Allow me to introduce you to Quinn Queer. Quinn is a burgeoning British boy around the age of 15. Here is a private glimpse into Quinn’s secret diary. Here the full story at Dear diary, It doesn’t matter what my parents say. I know they love me and all but they’re not inside my head. They can tell I am different, but they won’t say it. Everything I do is just a little offbeat. I am reminded constantly by my peers. Quinn is trying to understand his place in the world. He is also self-conscious about what his parents think of him. But Quinn is evolving. His two close friends are supportive of his persuasion, yet it is unspoken. One of them could become more than just a friend.
When I was born, Mother said that she and Father thought that I was going to be a girl. They were so certain since that’s what the ultrasound showed and quite surprised by my male anatomy. Maybe I like boys because I was supposed to be a girl. Nobody knows that except for Pierre and Isabelle. I know Pierre likes me. I can feel it. In chemistry class, we work very closely together on projects. We feel a chemistry of our own that I find so arousing yet so forbidden. If Mother knew, I think she would be shocked. Father would most certainly disapprove. I became aware that I was different when I was quite young although I had no idea what I was feeling.
As a young boy, I didn’t have many playmates. But I preferred to be around girls more than boys. Now, I prefer reading to hanging out with other kids, unless I’m with Pierre. About a year ago, I started collecting vintage dresses that I would find from neighborhood garage sales. Maybe that explains the increasing interest I have in the history of fashion. I’m still deciding what to do with them. When I’m in my room with the door closed, I’ll try them on and look at myself in the mirror. I like the way I look. But then I feel embarrassed and even a little ashamed. But why should I?
It’s not a big deal to be different these days. In fact, it is even celebrated. Well, in more metropolitan cities, I guess. My family and I live in a small town where being different is more noticeable. In some ways, I feel lucky to have met Pierre. Maybe one day we’ll move to London and open a clothing boutique together.

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